Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Poo Party" in B's mouth tonight!

It has occurred to me that sending out "check out my new blog!" announcements should probably be made on a day when the title entry is NOT about my gynecological visits. My bad. BUT -- the good thing -- is that these are only YEARLY you don't have to worry about the "yee ha" topic coming up for another 364 days! (Actually... I make no promises.)

Berkeley is seven and very funny. I can't keep up with her one-liners. She has her mother's sarcasm, which can be both good and bad. It's freaky to me when she turns on me...and dishes me some of my own "attitude".

Tonight, for instance, I was begging her to go and brush her teeth before bed. Berkeley learned in pre-school that if you don't brush for 2 minutes, 2 times a day, the "teeth bugs" will go #2 on your teeth. I thought this was both a clever way to remind the kids...and seriously gross to think about at the same time. ANYWAY...I asked Berkeley to go brush and before I could say anything else to her, she said: "let the bugs have a big party. I'm too tired."

So, although I did not make her get up and brush, I am going to leave her a note about how the "poo party" went in her mouth last night. I just might be twisted enough to smear some "chocolate" on the note these bugs are writing too...right on to the mouth of a picture of her smiling! Bet she brushes tomorrow night!

**Ooooooh!** Maybe I'll smear some chocolate on her PILLOW CASE too!! (I need more adult time, eh?)

One more quick 'Berkeley story' before I go brush my own teeth:

I was whining to my children in the car the other day that "my tummy was hurting." Being silly...I said to Berkeley and McKenna:
(whiney tone)"Make my tummy feel better girls -- work some magic in that back seat!". To which Berk quickly replied: "We're not GOD" and "And I'm pretty sure only HE could do that, Mom." What could I say? She is right ( a little smart a** too....but RIGHT just the same.). I stopped whining.