Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Nicorette Ghost ??

I can't imagine how hard it would be to quit something that has been a part of your entire life.

When I was younger I used to leave "Stop Smoking" pamphlets around the house for my Mom. I'd leave them in her purse, on her pillows, under the ashtrays... As a thirty-four-year-old now, I still hold out hope that she will quit one of these days. I want her around with us as long as we can possibly have her.

The grandkids have started learning about smoking at school. They know it is bad for your health. They know that Grandma Ladybug smokes. They have heard their parents complain about having to be around it anywhere (not just at Grandma's house). We have heard comments from the girls here and there about their concerns for Grandma...but I had to smile when I saw this note posted at my Mom's recently, on the whiteboard on her fridge:

I had to wonder if my Mom thought I'd "put Berkeley up to it". I didn't. She did this totally and completely on her own. But, I wouldn't have stopped her. It is her way of expressing her fears and worries about Grandma too. These little ladies love their Ladybug beyond measure...and if the power of the "house ghost" is strong enough...he just might be able to work magic...

I love you, Mom. Just when you thought you had escaped all the pamphlet surprises...along came my offspring. :) Sorry about that!

What a way to start the day....

McKenna and I were snuggling in bed Sunday morning...and I decided to grab my phone and take a picture. These are good moments.