Thursday, March 19, 2009

Need a Self Esteem Boost? Don't Call Us.

I have always felt blessed that Berkeley feels comfortable enough to talk to me about the things her friends and she discuss when I am not there. I hope that she will always feel comfortable to to talk to me about things. However, a couple of days ago Berkeley and I are hanging out, when she tells me the following:

Berkeley: "Abby had this thing on her cheek today, it looked like a zit."

Me: "Oh, that's not good."

Berkeley: "Yah, but I told her not to worry, because her's was small and my Mom's zits are way, way, WAY bigger than that."

Me: "Unfortunately, that's probably true."

Berkeley: "Yah, but Abby said "No," that her "Mom's zits were sooooo HUGE."

While I was mentally trying to pick my self-esteem off the ground...I was also giggling to myself thinking that our daughters were sitting there "trumping" each other with whose Mom had the biggest zits. Hilarious. It reminded me of another time in motherhood when I was bathing Berkeley and said to me:

"Mom, are you ever going to try to look sexy like those Victoria Secret Models in the commercials?"

I can't remember my exact response...but it was something like: "Well, I have tried to look that way...but not everybody looks like that."

She replied: "Well, your hair doesn't really look good like you have it right now..." (it was on top of my head in a nasty looking half ponytail...) "and maybe you could not wear your glasses ~ because you look prettier without them."

Looking sarcastic response to the "Are you ever going to try to be sexy....?" question would be: "Everyday, Berkeley...Everyday." We're always trying to look sexier, skinnier, and younger. But "In My Daughters Eyes", Martina McBride, it's amazing that I was ever attractive enough to produce offspring to insult me. :)

I'm strong enough to take the periodic beatings. Deep down I know that she means no harm at all. Like I least she talks to me. Besides...I like to think that uglier people than me have found someone to think they are sexy.... so I'll never lose hope! LOL

I Love You, Berkeley.