Monday, April 26, 2010

Egg-cellent Memories

We were so excited...

My Mom was able to get the Easter Bunny to come and see us at her house on Easter Day! The kids, of course, were not aware this was going to happen. So, as the moment approached, the adults grew excited to see their reactions.

I knew one thing for sure. McKenna was NOT going to love it. She hates, HATES anything in a costume. It all started with Mr. McGruff coming to the school a few years back. It hasn't gotten much better. I keep telling her that these "creatures" are just "Daddys in a costume". But she's not having it. Especially that evil and gray beast -CHUCK E. CHEESE. Who does he think he is scaring the crap out of kids day after day? It's so rude!

We had one moment where I thought McKenna might be cured of her "costume" issues.  She went with her Dad in May of 2008 to Disneyland.  She did "okay" with the costumed characters around her, I hear.  And, to my surprise, she totally enjoyed the "Princesses".  But that's only because Princesses are REAL, silly! They're not in a costume! :)

Anyhow....( Have I ever mentioned I have adult onset ADD?)....back to the topic at hand. The Easter Bunny's Entrance...

The eggs had been hidden....

And the eggs had been found....

We were all wondering who would be the random victim of Uncle Randy's sick and twisted sense of humor this year.  Berkeley was the winner!  She sat on the back steps of the deck and innocently began opening her eggs while she waited for us to go inside.  This is what was in one of her eggs:

Here was her face as she read it:
It was so funny.  She said outloud "I got a BAD egg! UH!"
We couldn't stop laughing.

So I think I was telling you about when the Easter Bunny was getting ready to arrive...right?

All the girls were back in the livingroom, enjoying the discovery of what was hidden inside of their colorful, collection of eggs.   Before long....this was what appeared in the window:

McKenna ran to the front door...slammed it shut...blocked it with her body...
and yelled (as she started to hysterically cry/panic)

My twelve-year-old niece yelled:
(Apparently- anyone peeking in a window qualifies as an instant child predator or freak,
even if you're in a bunny costume.  Perhaps, ESPECIALLY if you are in a bunny costume?
Can't say I blame today's world, you gotta be careful. lol) 

It was pure pandamonium until we got McKenna calmed down.  Such a fun, exciting,  moment and it's so horrifying to her.  I felt so bad.  The Bunny came in and delivered some surprises for each of the girls.  McKenna even calmed down (watching from afar) and accepted a gift from him.  She kept her distance until he quietly left...
and Easter slowly came to an end. 

Pretty soon, they'll be too grown up for this kind of fun. 
But for was truly a great day.

One last picture and then I'll leave you alone....

Oh, come on, you know you wanted it!   
We hope you had a very Happy Easter, Everyone! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got this new deodorant today.

The instructions said remove cap and push up bottom.

I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells awesome.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nine, So Fine, Sublime....

Berkeley turned nine at the end of March.  There's already an attitude and spunk in her that I SWEAR wasn't supposed to come out until she was a tween!  But she is still proudly, my "girly girl".  She loves a good, fancy, party - where people need to dress up and play "princess-style".  This year Berkeley picked a "Tea Party" for her and her friends to celebrate with. 

Big Girl Table...Tea Party in Progress

   The little sister's had their own Tea Party
      off to the side...
The Food...
Sporting their fancy Tea Party jewelry.... (Ring Pops)

The flowers, the sparkling punch, and the Birthday Girl....

Opening presents...
Who wouldn't be happy about CASH!?

Later, after the all the refinement a Tea Party can bring....
We broke out the face paints, the music, and the balloons
and let the girls loose in the gym.
Mom was exhausted afterwards, but Berkeley said it was "perfect", better than she had imagined.  Which, of course, makes it all worth it.


Instead of "going out" to dinner this year with family, I offered to make Berkeley's favorite food instead - BBQ Steak!  She, of course, was happy to party at home under those circumstances:  

Opening some presents...

The"Tea Party" themed cake...made by our Shirlene.  She never disappoints us with her talent.  And, her talent tastes SO GOOD!

Little Kenna was off to the side, enjoying the festivities too!

The Birthday "Princess"

Here are NINE things that I love about you:
1. Your Laugh
2. Your Tender Heart
3. Your Creativity
4. Your Free Spirit
5. Your Independence
6. The cute, new freckles on your nose.
7. Your Mischieviousness
8. You're a good student
9. You always make us laugh.

I just can't believe my "baby" is getting so old.
I love you, Berk!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day...HAPPY Earth Worms!

We woke up as usual today.  A little late from pushing "snooze" too much, and rushing a bit.  It had rained last night so I expected the usual handful of worm carcasses - here and there - on the long sidewalk as we hurried to the car.  Much to my surprise though, we were greeted by this view outside our door: 
There were many more as we walked.  It was crazy!  They were a lot more long, plump, and "fresh" in the morning, than when I took this picture in the afternoon.  Im sure it was funny from afar, to watch the girls and I trying not to step on any of them!
Look a little closer....
Yep...the Earth Worms had a party last night.  Invited ALL their slimey friends.  It appears it was a rockin' party too.  I suppose they call it "EARTH DAY EVE" in the Underground. 

I couldn't help but laugh as it appeared they were all laying there, hung over.