Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll show you mine, IF you show me yours.

The girl's father got married this summer. Their new step-mother's name is Dawnelle. She is very nice and sweet to my girls, and I appreciate her for that. Many times throughout courtship and engagement, Dawnelle has been selfless enough to watch the girls, feed the girls, bathe the girls, and even plan fun activities with the girls. It takes a special person to do this, and we are blessed to have her. However, I think we may need to ask a wee bit more of her in the near future...

You see, Berkeley came home with an interesting thought last night about Dawnelle, that I hadn't thought of before. (And I have thought deeply about potential questions that may come up...so I am ready!) But when Berk shot this one out...and I did not have a pre-rehearsed or even NATURAL response for her right away.

We were eating dinner and randomly she says to me:
"Mom, this isn't fair. Why does Dawnelle get to see our naked bodies, but we don't get to see hers?"

I must say, her point seemed quite valid. My first reaction was to possibly say "Well, because you are a child and she is an adult." But that isn't the right answer. That would teach her that if an adult wants to see her naked...she has to do so. So, then I thought, "Well, because she helps to take care of you when Daddy and Mommy aren't there." But...that would mean that ANYONE that is taking care of them (their friend's parents at a sleepover, for example) could see them naked too. That isn't okay with me either.

I mean, the girls ARE sharing something very private with her....why wouldn't she trust them with her body parts too? ( I giggle to myself.) Eventually I fumbled something out about how it doesn't seem fair, but that Dawnelle can be private if she wishes. And, I reassured Berkeley and McKenna that Dawnelle is trying to help them and she is someone who can be trusted...along with Daddy, Mommy, and Grandmas.

Deep down though, my twisted head was thinking...."Yah, Dawnelle! Fair is fair! Show the girls your TA-TA's!"

This one is going to come back and haunt me if I eventually marry a man with little girls of his own...isn't it? (LOL) Have a good day and I love you all!