Monday, November 16, 2009

FALLow Me....

Around the end of September, I realized that my days to drive up the Canyon for a 'color rich' tour of Fall, were quickly diminishing.  So, spontaneously one evening, I decided we were going to drive up Emmigration and squeeze in a little nature moment.  It was WELL worth the time. 

 I happened to have my camera with me.  It wasn't really cold at all.  It was windy.  McKenna had had one of "those moments" earlier that day, where she insisted on wearing an outfit that looks questionable to the rest of society.  She was in the shortest shorts she owned, and was only allowed to wear them with the agreement that they would be put in the "summer clothing bin" after that day.  But, what do mismatched, questionable outfits almost always bring on?  

Kodak moments. 

What does a mother do?  Skip the pictures?  I almost did.  But, I think you'll was smart to just relax and let the memories happen. 

Showing me their leaves they were taking home. 

When they're not worst enemies, they're best friends. 
I love the "best friend" moments.

Doesn't matter who the hairy woman is...she's lucky to get a sweet hug like that!

And, it doesn't matter what you have to do after they get MUST insist on a few Mommy pictures for the blog. 
(She's humoring me, but I'm okay with it.)

Favorite quote of the night -
"Hey Berkeley, Let's touch our butts for this one!"

The girls were having so much fun, I just let them walk ahead and enjoy each other for a moment. 

McKenna being "herself" and having nutty fun on the trail! 

Berk was singing on the trail.  I wish you could see her face, it's so "dreamy". 
She's got the most beautiful dreams in that head of hers! 

McKenna wanted to take a picture of the rock I didn't want her to bring home.  This turned out to be a cool picture, I thought!  Good job, Kenna!

We live in such a beautiful world. We are so blessed. I couldn't decide which was more beautiful.... the leaves? Or my sweet girls enjoying them?

We will miss you, Fall
It's always a joy when you come to visit.