Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day...HAPPY Earth Worms!

We woke up as usual today.  A little late from pushing "snooze" too much, and rushing a bit.  It had rained last night so I expected the usual handful of worm carcasses - here and there - on the long sidewalk as we hurried to the car.  Much to my surprise though, we were greeted by this view outside our door: 
There were many more as we walked.  It was crazy!  They were a lot more long, plump, and "fresh" in the morning, than when I took this picture in the afternoon.  Im sure it was funny from afar, to watch the girls and I trying not to step on any of them!
Look a little closer....
Yep...the Earth Worms had a party last night.  Invited ALL their slimey friends.  It appears it was a rockin' party too.  I suppose they call it "EARTH DAY EVE" in the Underground. 

I couldn't help but laugh as it appeared they were all laying there, hung over.