Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stand Your Ground...

I'm sitting in my bedroom, checking my Facebook, overhearing this conversation between my girls (who are also hanging out in their bedroom):

Shortcake: "SMELL MY FEET!"
Strawberry: "NO."
Shortcake: "SMELL MY FEET!"
Strawberry: "NO."
Shortcake: "SMELL MY FEET!"
Strawberry: "NO."
Shortcake: "SMELL MY FEET!"
Strawberry:  "NO."
Wierdos.  They definitely belong to our family. 

HUMP Day...

(I found this old blog post that never posted in the archives. 
Technically, this happened about a year ago this May.  But I had to share...)

The days of "innocence" in our home...may be past us.
Berkeley and I are talking tonight.  The topic of the saying "That's What She Said" came up.  This is the conversation:
Berkeley:  "What does that mean, anyway?"
Me:  "That's What She Said"? 
Berkeley:  "Yeah."
Me:  "Um, well...let me think of a way to explain it so that a kid can understand it.  Because it's a saying that adults use. And it's kind of naughty."
Berkeley:  "Just tell me, Mom.  I'm not FIVE anymore!"
Me: (smiling...) "No, you're NINE!"
Berkeley:  "Mom, I already know about kissing.  And humping.  In fact, ****** and I were just talking the other day and she said: "Wasn't it wierd when they were kissing in bed in 'Marly and Me'?"  And I told her..."Well, they were trying to make a baby."  And she said  "Ew!" 

Me: "Well, it's time for us to take stuff out to the go get your shoes on."

Usually this type of distraction method does not work for Berkeley, but this time it did.  So in my head I was cheering:


Then my brain replied: