Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For when your kitchen table has that "not so fresh" feeling...

It's been awhile and I apologize. Life just takes over sometimes...and I have just been working to keep up with it. I'll dive in on what we've been up to...it's a long one, people. Thanks for those who actually read it all the way through! I'll use a lot of pictures to try and keep you entertained as I ramble about the cuties.

McKenna started pre-school in September. It is so cute to see her with the other kids because she is so tiny. I kept thinking how fun it would be to see them all lined up together, so I asked them to pose one day. Here are the photos:

See that little, tiny, bug (second to from the left)? That's McKenna!

Here's a closer look:

McKenna has decided recently though, that she is NOT a big fan of pre-school. She cries, pleads with me, and carries on and on and on. However, we are paying to do this...she is going. But not before she tries to kill me first. To say she is in a "rebellion stage" right now would be an understatement. She has decided that NO ONE is going to force her to enjoy pre-school. She demonstrated this in her pre-school pictures recently. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, come back with me, to the day BEFORE pre-school pictures......

Every child apparently does this once in their young lives. Berkeley had her turn two weeks before this and McKenna decided to try the same thing. She cut her own hair. I had put McKenna in her room for quiet time, and was resting on my bed waiting for some headache medicine to kick in. The next thing I know, Kenna is asking me if she can get a drink. I noticed quick that she'd cut it and, when I asked, she fessed up immediately. With pride she announced that she had only cut "a little". WRONG!

Here she is BEFORE she found the scissors.... (notice the bangs and longer hair length): ...and AFTER her little mis-deed....(no more bangs, length is long and short all over):Then some lady at "Great Clips" tried to fix it (that's supposed to be the "jagged bang look"):
It was frustrating...but at least we had a WAD of hair to show everyone who asked about her "pretty new haircut!". ANYWAYS.... Back to pre-school pictures.

We got to the studio and McKenna REFUSED to sit and smile for anyone. The photographer told us to just "walk and talk by the background" and he would casually snap a shot when she smiled. Well...Kenna was on to his evil plan. She stood there glaring the entire time. When Berkeley and I backed away from Kenna for a second.....this was the shot he got:

(Photo courtesy of Wayman Photography 2008)

Awwww....doesn't she look...just...so....pissed? My Little Diva.

Then today when we were talking about going to pre-school...she announces "I've had ENOUGH of my ABC's!". I thought I was going to die laughing. She proclaims to me "I DON'T want to do "W"...I already know that one...and I NOT going to go!" She lost this argument.

Halloween came fast and furious at our house.....Berkeley got her costume in July. McKenna got her costume in August. Kind of. McKenna REFUSED to wear her costume on the day of her pre-school party...and Berkeley wore her costume to her school party only. Then, Halloween morning, they come out of their room dressed in matching Cinderella dresses that we've owned for years. They announced that they were going to be "MATCHING CINDERELLAS!" (I'm quietly visualizing my money swirling down a flushing toilet...along with the purchased costumes....) Of course, I captured the cute moment:

Near Halloween we also carved pumpkins. I always forget what a pain it is to dig all the pumpkin guts out. Luckily - we painted most of ours. BUT....this year I waxed all "Martha Stewart" on myself...and tried not one, but two of her Halloween ideas. I must have had a fever or something. Anyhow...here is Martha's version of the lime green and copper glitter pumpkins: And here was mine (Take note: We made such a mess with the lime green pumpkin that there is NO copper glitter pumpkin. Maybe next year....NOT) :

As you can see....it is just NOT the same without a periwinkle wall in your house and black accents to boot. My bad.

BUT....hold onto your seats...because the other "Martha" idea turned out pretty cool. I was rather proud! Here is Martha's version of a green pumkin (called a Banana Squash?) with a spider carved in it:

And here is mine: Not too shabby~! I was quite proud. Very cool looking...and that's coming from an arachnaphobe! (No doubt, spelled wrong.)

Finally.....a short story about cleanliness:

We have always kept diaper wipes on the back of our toilet, so that we can all keep ourselves "fresh and clean" (Perschon Good Potty/Body Ettiquette Page 1). Therefore, it is not unheard of for me to grab diaper wipes when I'm in a hurry and use them to wipe something off the bathroom floor, toothpaste out of the sink, etc. We also use the Kirkland brand of Clorox Wipes to clean around the house.

When the girls were little and they wanted to help me clean...I would hand them a package of diaper wipes and let them wipe down the walls, their bikes, toys...whatever they wanted. I didn't like them to touch the Kirkland/Clorox wipes because of the chemicals on them. However, as Berkeley & McKenna get older, I will show them the "proper cleaning items" and model "how Mommy does things" for chore time.

That said....

Recently I was at the store and decided to purchase some feminine cleansing wipes. I thought it might be good to see if these worked suffieciently, since the diaper wipes can get expensive and you can't flush them. I went home, put these feminine wipes on the back of the toilet, and went on my "fresh and clean" way. (You can see what's going to happen, right?)

A few days later, when I was in the shower, the girls were helping to clean up the house before company came. I hollered to Berkeley to please get the Clorox wipes and clean off our kitchen table. I hadn't heard Berk come into the bathroom...but when I got out of the shower I noticed that the "feminine wipes" package was empty on the bathroom counter. Berkeley had apparently been feeling too lazy to track down the Kirkland/Clorox wipes....

And that, my friends, is how our kitchen table got cleaned with feminine cleansing wipes.


For when your kitchen table has that "not-so-fresh" feeling...

Any one want to come for dinner?