Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yeah, That's The ONE...

Shortcake:  "Mom...I just said the  (whispers) 'f word'."
Mom: "You did ??  Which 'f word' did you say?
Shortcake: She puts her hand up to her mouth, gets on her tip toes, and whispers in my ear..."Freakin".
Mom:  "Oooohhhh.....THAT 'f word' is probably all right to say. Just try not to say the one that rhymes with 'truck'. Okay?"
Shortcake:  (thinking to herself for a few seconds...) "FRUCK?"
Mom:  "Yep.  That's the one." 
Pardon my french, but she is so, (whisper) 'frucking', cute. ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

When They're Cute, They're Cute

I head towards the livingroom to watch a movie with the girls.

Berkeley says "DON'T COME IN HERE YET ! We're making you a SURPRISE! We only need about 20 more minutes! Do NOT be concerned!"

Now, I'm concerned.

I wait patiently for about twelve more minutes, and then get the "okay" to come in.  

McKenna, standing on a step stool at the end of the hallway, gave me a "ticket" to enter the livingroom.  Berkeley made the "announcements".

 We'd gone earlier to the Redbox and rented two movies. So they had made some movie night "preparations".  The livingroom was decorated with yarn (as make-shift "crepe paper streamers" ) and in the middle of the design hung a sign that said:

"Today Girly-Girl Theater presents......
"16 Wishes" and
"Beezus & Ramona"
Hope You Enjoy the Show!"

I had a blanket and spot to sit in, they had blankets and "special seating"as well.  There were other "movie guests" attending (stuffed animals and baby dolls). 

There were even refreshments.  In a bowl for each of us was one cookie, one baby candy cane, pretzels, popcorn, carmel popcorn, and blue-raspberry Frootie candies. (Note to self: Might be time to get some healthy snacks.)

I gotta say....when they're cute, they're cute.