Monday, September 15, 2008

Love at first sight?

We went up Milcreek Canyon this weekend for a night of roasted hot dogs and smores. The campfire was perfect. The scenery was gorgeous. The weather was not too cold. The kids were fantastic. The stars were dreamy. It was so great. There was only one kink....the bumble bees.

We found between seven to eight bees inside of my friends', niece's, jacket. Poor thing...she got stung twice! She was so brave. The job of going through the 'infested jacket' belonged to me. Those who know me....know that this isn't even in my REALM of things I'm comfortable with! I even killed the live bees I found in the jacket and threw them into the fire. I was totally being cool about it. You all would have been proud. Until I wasn't so brave....

About ten minutes into the hunt for bees....I felt this 'tickling' in my shirt. I walked over to the side where no one could see...and reached down my shirt to "double check". I figured that I was just being paranoid from the whole experience. I saw and felt nothing. So I kept on checking around our site...trying to see where the bees had come from.

Then came more "tickling"...and not the good kind. Its the kind of sensation and movement under your clothing that whispers to you....."'re not're about to disrobe in front of children..." I looked down and saw the bee in my clevage. Frantically....I'm swishing and twisting my clothing to get it out. I didn't take my shirt off...but with all the panic...I fear that I educated my friend's niece and nephew beyond need. I was in a panic! I immediately felt like that bee was EVERYWHERE in my shirt! No one had seen it drop or fly I finally had to remove my brazier under my shirt to be double...TRIPLE sure. Once I was convinced that he was gone, I was relieved that I didn't get stung!

Post Bee-Attack....I had these images of me getting stung, having an allergic reaction, and then having to show the doctor my "affected area". It would be the one time I got the single, available, 33-yr-old intern, right? That would make a good love story: "Tell us doctor, was it love at first sight?"

Anyhow...sorry for the long break in posts...but I've been sick for three weeks. Almost all is well now...and I'm trying to catch up on everything. So, for now, let's end with Berkeley's favorite joke to tell people when she's feeling naughty:

Q: What do you do to scare a bee?

A: You yell "BOO!-BEE!"