Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Because Housework is Boring....

So, we normally announce family weddings. But this one sort of sprung up on us unexpectedly. While we would have liked to have had many of you attend, there just wasn't time to get out formal invitations. Rest assured though, it was a beautful day, with a beautiful couple, and an AMAZING photographer -- who provided us with a lifetime of memories. The couple looked perfect, like "Ken and Barbie" almost! (It made me want to throw up a bit in my mouth...some couples are just MADE to go together.) Anyhow, Troy and Samantha were married in the Perschon Palace, on Saturday, August 15, 2009. I'll post Samantha's "bridal" photos first, and then the wedding pictures will follow:

Samantha chose an "off-the-shoulder" gown, with lace
accents and a toule veil and train.

Samantha was certain that this light, pink, "strawberries
n' cream" lip color was perfect for her gown. As you can
see....she was right.

Samantha had her hair pulled back in a classy braid, allowing
for halter straps on the shoulders, with a neckline that any bride
would die to have!

Here Samantha shows off the dress' train. It's length flowed
from the kneeline at the back of the dress...out seven inches!
Our "studio back-drop" wasn't even long enough to capture it! We
had to allow some "unsightly side-wall exposure" to give you the
full effect of the train's grand beauty!

Here Samantha holds her bouquet, a lovely
white ensemble, accented with pearls in the
middle. This bouquet comes with an identical
second bouquet when you order it. One is for the bride
to keep, the other is for the bride to throw. (These
"bouquets" can also double as hair bows for your
Build-A-Bear's - nationwide.)

The Bride and her Maids of Honor.
(Left to Right: Berkeley, Samantha, McKenna)

Here are some of the wedding guests. They are
seated and waiting for Troy and Samantha's ceremony to begin.

This is the actual moment Samantha began
walking down the isle. Little flower girls
went before her, sprinkling flowers in the walk way.

Here you'll see the room as the Bride viewed
it for the first time, walking towards the
"preacher" and her Groom.

Troy was soooo nervous...he forgot his shoes!
(And apparently he forgot to comb his hair too!)
Let's give him credit for the fab, royal blue,
knickers though! What style!

Troy and Samantha's wedding was a "Come
As You Are" Event....However, some quests
were asked to hold more flowers than others...

Samantha approaches....the room hushes quiet...

Troy and Samantha look out at the crowd of family and
friends that have come to support them on such a special
day. (The preacher...checks out Samantha's "toule"!)

The ceremonly begins. The couple faces one another...

UNEXPECTEDLY, Samantha is overwhelmed by the moment
and passes out! The crowd gasps. Troy doesn't know what to do.
If he bends over to help her up, his knicker velcro will pop open. If he
doesn't help her, there will be no "celbratory evening events" at the
condo their friends got them for their Honeymoon this evening.

Troy makes the right decision! He goes for his Bride, and helps
her to her feet! Samantha apologizes and reminds the crowd that
she is often light headed from always eating her food and then
throwing it back up. But, she maintains, it was worth it to fit
in this lovely gown her Daddy bought her! Anyhow...the ceremony
continues, they exchange vows, and before you know it.....

It was time for Troy to kiss his Bride!

Troy and Samantha are now Husband and Wife!
The crowd breaks into applause as Troy and
Samantha emerge as "Mr. and Mrs" for the first
time ever! They exit hand in hand, stopping only for
a few photos, and then drive away in their car.
Everyone agrees, Troy and Samantha will surely live
a long, happy, plastic existence together.
Or, that is, until the Landlord of the Perschon Palace
sends them to the D.I. for donations.....