Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Single Men....

You never know what lies...just below the surface.

Dear Single Men,

Take a chance on the girl with the acne...she can't help that she has it.  And, if you hit on her while she has a big zit on her nose....trust me...you'll get bonus points for seeing past THAT and into her eyes.  Acne goes...those eyes are forever.

Take a chance on the girl with the extra weight...she's working on it.  Besides, she may be an excellent cook.  And...The girls who aren't given a chance (because of their weight) have often spent their time working on other ways to be beautiful to you.

Take a chance on the single Mom.  She's a tough cookie.  She'll give you 110% and do it well.

Take a chance on the girl with the wrinkles...she's earned them and she may be full of wisdom and experience.

Take a chance on the girl who dresses less fashionably.  She lives within her means, even if it means she can't dress like everyone else. If her clothes are old and full of holes...perhaps she puts the needs of her kids before her own.  She wishes more than anything that she could dress better...but she can't right now.  When it's time for her to dress up for you...watch out!

Take a chance on the girl with dry, cracked hands.  She works hard, plays hard, cleans well, and is softer than you ever knew - on the inside. 

Take a chance on the girl who is always late.  She may be bad with time, but excellent with love.  She may have been late because she was talking to a friend in need, or taking extra time on her make-up to look good for YOU. 

Take time on the shy girl.  For once you get-to-know her you might realize that someone amazing lies within.  And once she 'opens up'...it will be like opening a present.

Take a chance on the girl who seems unorganized.  She won't be able to find her keys...but she'll always know where the key to your heart is. 

Take a chance on the girl with the messy car.  You may like your car clean, but she's amazing with all that she can accomplish in a day.  She can make it to ten or fifteen places in a day and, quite frankly, she doesn't have time for loose french fries.  She'll get to them later. (Refer back to "girl with cracked, dry hands" and remember "she cleans well"). 

Take a chance on the girl with the chaotic household.  She really plays with her children, she talks to them, and she may even take time to herself to read books on "How to be a Better Lover".  She knows what's important in life. And the dishes will wait until after your hot, romantic interlude that night. 

And finally....

Take a chance on the girl with the stretch marks at the swimming pool.  I have no good reason for this...except that girls with stretch marks need love too.  And, I eventually need to find a mate.  So, just give her a chance, would ya???  


The Girl Next Door


Missletoe said...

Sounds like a good pitch to me! Now who is next door?!

Melanie said...

No one next door.... Sadly! Maybe that's good though, or I might have to add a ditty that says "Take a chance on the girl who yells at her kids too much....they are dealing with estrogen overload, something men will NEVER understand! hahhahaha" :)

Melanie said...

P.S. - Any baby news?

Tania said...

Love it!

Lori Bishop said...

Someone will just you wait and see.