Monday, June 28, 2010

That Depends....Does He Wear DEPENDS?

You have to be very, very specific in the "qualities" you want in a man! 
Just tonight, my girlfriend was laughing at me about something I said in regards to dating. 
She had asked if I had any new "love" interests. 
I was telling her about his really "promising" guy I had been texting and talking to on the phone.  
It hadn't really, "panned out" though, and I was disappointed. 
She just thought it was funny when I whined at the end of the whole discussion:

"But, but, this one was EMPLOYED!!"

Yes, my friends, the pickin's are THAT slim. 

You can understand, then...
why I found this comic to be so, completely hilarious:

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Heather said...

I hear you Mel! Honestly, it shouldn't be that hard to find a date, but it is. At least you're texting and talking to guys...