Saturday, October 22, 2011


On Saturdays, I tell the girls to let Mom sleep in.  They are old enough now to get up, get their breakfast, and watch a few cartoons while Mommy recovers a bit.  Every once in awhile, if I'm taking too long to get up, one of the girls will come crawl in bed with me, coax me out, torture me until I get up, or whatever it takes.  I had a text saved in my phone from Strawberry...about ten months ago....December 2010.  I forgot about it until I saw it today. 

It must have been one of those mornings I didn't want to get up.  She took my cell phone off my nightstand, texted me...and left the room....  My phone beeped. I picked it up.  With sleepy eyes I read: 

"Hi mommy I love you now get your donkey out of bed".

Love my kids.

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